About Us

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About us

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How it all started

Luxshe is a women’s accessories brand based in Sofia, Bulgaria and operating worldwide.

Created in 2018 by a team of young people who decided to take an unconventional path to follow their dreams. We dedicated ourselves to find a unique way to reach our dream – to be able to impact as many people as possible in a positive way by providing them with valuable and unique products that allow them to express their unique personalities and shine with confidence.

We’ve had to go through years of trial and error throughout our journey. However every mistake gave us valuable knowledge that then helped us to successfully create the Luxshe brand.

Luxshe is the result of our goal to bring together a community of people who celebrate their uniqueness and are not afraid to embrace their individual style.

We love to hear back from our customers who are constantly saying how happy they are rocking their Luxshe products and how many compliments they are receiving because of their new Luminous Backpack or Wallet. It’s a really heartwarming experience that also provides us with the energy and motivation to keep creating amazing and unique products for you!

– The Luxshe Team

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Sofia, Bulgaria – Where it all started.

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